Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tiny dragon

As she walked along the street, the tiny dragon in her pocket growled. Half way down the street,  
She ran straight up stairs into her room. Pulling out the dragon. She put it on the top of her gigantic drawer. Molly then went to get the baby dragon a tiny drink of water.  
After she got the tiny baby cute dragon a water, Mum called “Molly dinner time ok". She ran down stairs to have dinner."So whats for dinner? she asked "fish & chips your favorite"mum & Molly started to eat.
Finshing dinner mum was eating all the dinner. Molly walked up into her forling asleep she hoped in bed and started to znor.


  1. Great story chastyti I wish I had a little dragon It would be loads of fun.
    But I wouldn't have left it in the room by itself because it might do something wrong.
    Would you like to have a little dragon? .

  2. I love the story it was so awesome I like the dragon you draw for your post

  3. My favourite part of watching you write this story was when you got the speech marks and question mark correct, all by yourself! You are a punctuation princess!