Monday, 26 June 2017

Create a kayak

For my creative kayak I have chosen the Slalom K1, with a purple outline. The kayak has different patterns like flowers, Fist and stars. I think my design looks alright. I think that people that want to get into kayaking and be a single kayak-er would like to buy my beautiful designed kayak, because it will be affordable and light.

Task description: To do this task we had to create our own kayak. To create our kayak we had to use Design a kayak website. It is a cool website to use we you want to create your own kayak. We also had to write about what designs we used to design our kayak and who we think would it. The last thing that we had to do was post it on our blog with a Walt, Labels, Task description and title. Then click publish.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Newspaper acrticle

Walt: think critically about what we read.

Task description: To do this task we had to write a newspaper article about the story As smooth as silk.

Friday, 9 June 2017


Task description: To do this task we had to write our own opinions.

Friday, 2 June 2017


Washing up on an island I looked around. I felt lonely as I jumped out of the raft, because I could see anybody or hear anybody. As I looked around I seen lots of palm trees, and also lots of birds.

Walt: Write from the 1st person.

Suddenly I realized that I could use the fronds and sticks to build my shelter. Running towards the sticks I rushed, I was rushing because it was nearly sunset. I also seen some flaxs that I can tie the sticks and fronds . Finally the shelter was complete.  

The next morning I felt really hungry. So the first thing I did was I searched for some things that I could use to catch my food. Suddenly I came up to a stick and a rock. I said to myself “ I should use the stick to make a fishing spear, and use the rock to sharpen up the stick”, so I did it. Sharpening the stick with the rock was really hard, but I manage it finish it. To shape the spear how I wanted it to be I went back and forward. After sharpening up the stick I see I 3 small coconut tree ahead. As I ran towards the coconut tree I got excited. “ I finally got to eat and drink something”, I was really amazed. Thinking in my head I thought that I could use the coconut for my bowl, so I kept the two half coconut shells for my bowl. I walked towards the sea and seen some little fish. BANG! I hit the fish and killed it. Carrying the fish to my popped raft I put it down and found some more flaxs. I started to weave a pot and put fronds in the middle to cover the holes. I also gather some more stick to make a fire, but making the fire was really hard because I had to scrap the rock to the stick. I finally made a fire. Next I had to find fresh water to cook the fish and to drink. I searched and searched and finally found some water fresh water to. I filled the pot up with water and then toke it back to my shelter, and then poured some water into a coconut shell. Putting the pot over the fire with the fish in it i got really excited. Finally my food was ready I grabbed my coconut shell and dagg into my fish. “ This fish is so yum”.

Trying to get off the island was really hard, but then I came up with a really bright idea. I spotted a large stick and started writing HELP in big letters on the sand. Finishing the word help I gathered heaps of seaweed together and placed them over the HELP signal.

Finally a helicopter flies past and see the signal. It lands on the sand and helps me into the helicopter. I was finally of the island and was safe.   

Fishing time

Walt: think critically about what we read.


Walt: make connections.


Walt: express our personal opinions.

Minty twist with biscuits

If mum brought the minty biscuits I wouldn’t eat any.

The brand for this mint chocolate is cadbury. The price for the chocolate was $3.99. The minty biscuits also comes with 2 other oreo flavors, the 2 different flavors are normal and strawberry. That means that there is 3 flavored oreo chocolate.

Minty biscuits might taste alright to you but for me it tasted really dissecting. The reason why it tasted dissecting is, because I had never liked mint. The mint chocolate look lumpy and green. It also had tasted like cookies.

How I would make the minty biscuits chocolate better is take out some of the mint flavour. I would also take the oreos out and put Tim tams in.

If your mum was to buy a chocolate tell her don’t buy the minty biscuits. Why you shouldn’t buy the minty biscuits is, because this minty biscuits is really dissecting and yuck.  

Immersion Assembly

Walt: Using exciting language

This morning at Immersion assembly, Mr Burt announced the topic of Term 2. The topic for this term is Now That’s Thinking. Team 4 is focusing on what technology Maori use a few hundred years ago.

Now That’s Thinking is all about technology. Team 5 is focusing on fixing things around the school, and in their block. Team’s 1-3 is focusing on making kites and trying them at. They are also going to try out different materials and things to make their kites.

Team Four’s topic is all about what technology Maori people used before Pakeha. Team 4’s movie was about our Team 4 teachers thinking of what our topic should be, and each one of these teacher came up with some
fantastic ideas. They even found out in some books that things weren’t invented until 1879 and 1885.    

What I am hoping to learn is things back in the days, and about technology. I also want to learn about what kind of technology Maori used before Pakeha ever arrived to New Zealand. I also want to learn about how the maori people made their spears and weapons.

I think this terms theme Now That’s Think is great, because I really want to learn about technology. Each team has an amazing topic, and it looks like they are going to have so much fun this term.