Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Summer learning Journey/ Capital City

The name of New Zealand's capital city is Wellington. Wellington has 405,000 people living there. The weather in Wellington on January's are mostly sunny and cloudy, and is also located in the middle of New Zealand. The language that is mostly spoken in Wellington is English.

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  1. Hi Chastyti,

    You have posted some good facts about Wellington. I also love the way that you have included an image attribution to your blog for the picture of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings. The building is often referred to as the 'Beehive' and it's one of the most famous or iconic buildings in Wellington. I can still remember the first time that I saw it in person. It's quite unusual looking!

    I hope that you will continue to post these interesting and informative blogs, Chastyti. I'm learning so much from you!

    All the best,
    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Chastyti!

    This is awesome! Did you know I lived in Wellington for 3 years? I studied Film there, it was really cool.

    Do you know much about where you might like to visit in Wellington?

    Have a look at this website and see if you can do some of your own research and let me know what you might like to do : )

    Kia kaha,