Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Switch

Strolling along the road Mr Sam was slurping and licking his fingers. “Oh what is that spot or dot on my tie” said Mr Sam to himself.

Unexpectedly coming out of nowhere a white box hit Mr Sam on the eye. In anger Mr Sam gave an almighty kick on the white box sending it to space.

Glancing around he noticed a towering stack of boxes which were balanced precariously.

Mr Sam saw the sugar cube box. He was trying to push it but it wouldn't budge.

Leaping off the towering stack of boxes he landed  with a huge crash to the ground. Noticing a little red button Mr Sam said to himself “ I wonder what this button does” . Throwing caution to the wind he pressed it.

Friday, 15 May 2015


You may watch this movie above.
I hope you enjoyed.

On a cloudy starless night Jimmy was roasting marshmallows over a sizzling fire. Jimmy heard the gentle lapping from the lake coming to the shore. The towering trees were surrounding him while he was roasting marshmallows.

While the monster crept up behind Jimmy he made huge stomps. The monster had two yellow and green angry eyes and a darkie green skin color body.

Trying to defend himself Jimmy used his marshmallow on a stick like a sword. Suddenly Jimmy now knew that the monster liked marshmallows because he snatched it out of Jimmy's hand and gobbled it down his throat. Then he transformed into a performing puppy after his first marshmallow. The monster balanced, rolled over and jumped upside down. 

Jimmy went fishing in his bag for a marshmallow. He gasped, “Oh no` I only have one more marshmallow left” he thought.

Cautiously Jimmy held out the very last marshmallow in his hand. As soon as the monster saw it he quickly raced to gobble up the last marshmallow with his dirty pink tongue.     
Waiting expectantly the monster sat up quickly for his next Marshmallow. At last the monster reverted into a scary monster. Then Jimmy stumbled over a stone and fell down. Jimmy stood up and ran to his tent to hide behind his white pillow.

When the monster saw the pillow he thought that it was a giant marshmallow. So he quickly ran to grab it. The monster ran back to the fire and started to roast the pillow. As soon as he roasted it the pillow quickly turned into ashes.   


Friday, 1 May 2015


In the pitch black 1000’s of people including old soldiers went to a Dawn Service at the Auckland Museum. They went in respect and remembrance of all old soldiers that have fought  for our country to make us safe.

Mayor Len Brown recited a poem. Then next he laid a wreath on the monument.  

While a man played the last post on the Bugle the crowds gathered together and they stood silently. While he played the sun started to rise and dawn started to break.