Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Teacher's Strike!

Walt: write why the teachers are going on strike and what they want.

Why are teachers going on strike?

This Wednesday across the whole world all the teachers that
teacher in primary and intermediate are going on strike.
This is the second time in 24 years that the teachers are going
on strike.
What the teachers want?
There are three things that teacher want to help school and themselves.
One thing that teachers want is More time to teach. That means teachers want less jobs
to do like writing a reflection after every single separate session. They just want more time to
teach with the children so they have a better education and life.  

What the teachers want?
One thing that teachers want are better resources. For example privates schools have classes
of 14 students and one teacher. Isn’t that cool? But looking at states school there are
double the amount of student that are in a class at a private school. So teacher think that
schools need more teachers and better resources to work on.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Things to make your holiday fun.

Walt: Write a list of thing to do in the holiday.

Have you ever thought about what could make your school Holiday fun? Well read on to find out some fun ideas that you can try/do in the coming up holidays.  

One thing that I really love is a game of touch. Everyday me and my cousins are all out in the backyard play a game of touch. We have a lot of fun play touch and also tell jokes and making everybody laugh as we play. So maybe if you have a lot guest over at your house touch in the backyard might be a good idea.

Maybe after a couple of hours playing touch in the backyard you might feel a little hungry. That’s right time for lunch. Maybe a healthy sandwich will do till dinner time. A bacon and cheese sandwich. Mmmmm? That sounds delicious. If mum and dad isn’t home then maybe you can chuck in a little bit more flavor into your bacon.

Now that you have finished eat you will probably have a bit of dishes that you made while making your sandwich. So the next thing you could do is something that mum and dad will surely have ready for you and your siblings is a list of chores.

Now the chores are out of the way you can sit back, relax and watch a movie with your family. Eat popcorn, eat lollies and have a little nap.

So there you go, a list a idea for you to make your holiday a best holiday ever.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Immersion Assembly - T3 2018

Walt: Write a story Recount about

As I get closer and closer to the hall for assembly I hear music play. Looking around as I past the younger student sitting down in the school hall I see, a hairy legged person on stage dancing.
He was wearing denim shorts and bright green socks. After a few minutes I had just realized that it was our principal.
My highlights of the Term 3 Immersion Assembly was actually Team 2’s video. Why I liked Team 2’s video the best is because it shows lots of ways in how they can be active indoors and outdoors. Also at the end of their video it show what healthy lunches they made.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Pt England Staff for all
the hard work that you have showed the whole school. I think that the hard work that you all have done, has made all of the Pt England student want to learn more about this terms topic. Seeing the little tamariki faces, they looked more excited for the term then the older students. Thank - you Mr Burt and Pt England Staff.

Task Description: For this task we had to write a recount about Term 3 2018 Immersion Assembly. We had to write three paragraphs. The 3 paragraphs are about the introduction, My first highlight and a THANK - YOU paragraph.

Friday, 6 July 2018


            Dazzling Decimals
We are learning to add and subtract up to three decimal places. We are learning to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.

What is 244/1000 as a decimal: 0.244

What is 55/100 as decimal: 0.55

What is 12/1000 as a decimal: 0.012

What is ½ as a decimal: 0.5

What is ¼ as a decimal: 0.25

What is ⅕  as a decimal: 0.2

What is ⅛ as a decimal: 0. 125

0.45 + 0.42 = 0.87

0.56 + 0.17 = 0.83

0.67 + 0.91 = 1.58

0.555 + 0.014 = 0.569

0.7 - 0.45 = 0.35

0.55 - 0.45 = 0.1

0.76 - 0.29 = 0.47

2.5 - 0.78 = 1.72

1.7 - 0.999 = 0.701

0.934 - 0. 244= 0.69

0.944 - 0. 119 = 0.825

50/100 = 50%

1/10 = 10%

0.4 = 40%
0.05 = 5%
0.9 = 90%

Write the following as a decimal, fraction and percentage


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Evil Attack

Everyone one cleared Paris as the Master Of Evil was heading towards them. They were getting closer and closer to the Eiffel tower in Paris. Yesterday was Berlin, today is PARIS! As everyone runs for their live other kids and families are stuck or even been struck by bullets and arrows.

Meanwhile the news is being stream in London. This is literally the first time everyone pays attention to
the news in London. They seen the war that was happening in Paris. They soon heard that the war could
been coming towards them and destroy their city. The news reporter also said,
“ Yesterday was Berlin, today Paris, when would they strike London.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Iced Mammoth

Walt: write a little story about a interesting picture.

As the mammoth was strolling through the forest looking for something to eat everyone heard his loud feet stomping along the ground. The Mammoth slowly walked up to a tree and seen little berries hanging from the tree. Looking around to make sure that no one was looking, then he quickly pinched a few berries from out of the tree. As he was enjoying his berries he look behind him and seen a large wave coming towards him. He blew his trunk so loud and stomped his feet so hard. The ground shock. The he did a humongous loud growl. Everyone stopped and tried to follow where the loud growl/noise came from. As soon as the wave hit the mammoth I quickly turned into ice.

Task description:For this task we had to write a story about a interesting picture. The picture was of a Mammoth frozen in ice.

WELCOME back Mrs Tele'a

Walt: Write a letter to someone

Dear Mrs Telea,

Talafo my name is Chastyti and I am 11 years old. I was born in Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. I also have 3 siblings which are all boys and their names are Deejay, TJ and Lex. I am also the oldest child in my family. I also have 4 god siblings.  

I am also a sport over and play a lot of sport for the school. The sports that I play are Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Cricket, Tag and Rippa Rugby. If I was to chose my favourite sport out of all the sport it will probably be Rugby.    

My favourite subject at school is Maths. I also like using the iMacs to finish and create animations about the terms topic. One thing that I dislike about school is seeing and hearing unkind things happen.

Best wishes for when you come back and start teaching us in Room 3, Team 5.

Task Description: For this task we had to write a WELCOME back letter to Mrs Telea. We had to write 4 Paragraphs. Introduction which is here you introduce yourself, what are your interests, what you like and dislike about school and the END of your letter.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Chapters 4 to 8 - Holes

WALT: Self Monitoring - I monitor my reading for accuracy and sense and can adjust my reading when I encounter difficulties

Force and Motion - Expo

Task description: For this task we had to create a presentation about our team Expo. In the presentation it will show a introduction about what and why Force and Motion is good to teach people and the ideas that we chose, the idea we followed, our success and faliure and last what we should do next time.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Cooking at Tech - Spanish Meatballs

Every Thursday in Team 5 the Year 7's walk down to Tech at Tamaki Collage. We get spilt up into 4 groups and get to do an activity each. The activity that we do are Cooking, Graphics, Hard materials and Music. The Group that is am in is the Cooking group with Mrs Heka. For cooking we are learning how to make pasta. Our first pasta dish we made was Spanish meatballs. The picture above shows the finished product of our Spanish meatballs. The main ingredients that we used was obviously pasta which was called Egg noddles, mince for the meatballs and Spinach for the finishing techniques. Overall the cooking was fun but the eating was even better.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Holes ( Chapter 1 - 3 )

Walt:  I make sense of new information before, during and after reading by connecting it to myself, texts I know and my world

Friday, 6 April 2018

South Pacific and PLASTIC!

WALT: Analysing - I think critically about the author's style, perspective and language choices and how that is trying to influence me. 

 Task description: For this task I had to answer the questions and the fun part was to write a rap. Some of the questions were true or false questions and most of them were about plastic. I also has to write how I can save our planet.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Early Finishers

Early Finisher:

  • Unscramble these words:

  • 3 word sentence using the words above
  1. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.

  • Language building: SIMILES
  1. The pencil was as pointy as a mountain’s peak.
  2. He was walking like a old man.

  • Hyperbole

  1. I was watching a star zoom across the sky and I thought my eyes were going to pop out.
  2. My mom was yelling at me and I thought that I was going to get deaf.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Visual Mihi

Task description: For this task I had to create a visual mihi on hyperstudio. What I had to do was draw 4 things that I really liked and what I am interested in. I love sports and my family. I also love the black ferns and I am Cook Island.