Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My job in the future: Chef


I the future I would want to be a Chef because I like cooking. Being a Chef would be cool because I would get to cook meals.

What does a Chef wear?  

A Chef wears a black or white Pants and t - strit. They also wear a black or white chef hat. A Chef also wears black shoes to keep there feet safe.    

What does a Chef do?
A chef cooks meals and serves the people there food they wanted. A chef also creates and designs there own dishes.

I am looking forward to being a chef when I grow up.



A Volcanologist studies volcanoes and volcanic activity. Being a volcanologist  is a hazardous job because if you go too close to the lava the flames will go in your eyes. Being a volcanologist is rewarding because you save people from explosions.


They use drones with cameras and they wear fireproof suits.They might use heavy work gloves if they are working on fresh lava flows.And a rock-climbing helmet if working in an area where there is a lot of falling rocks from the volcanoes.

Volcanologist climb volcanoes to collect rocks and lava. A volcanologist studies solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth.

A volcanologist wears a varied, clothing depending on if there by the lava they wear a proximity suit. When there in the laboratory everyday clothing sometimes they wear a white lab coat. Volcanologist wear safety boots when there feild working because the lava is hot.

You have to be a brave person because they work in a hazardous area.  

Fireman David's Visit

On Friday there was a firefighter who came to visit team 3. His name was firman David and he came to tell us all about what a fireman does.

What Equipment does a fireman need?

A fire truck has all the equipment that a fire truck needs. That’s why fireman David explained that the fire truck was a toolbox on wheels. The tools that are on the fire truck was a hose to put out fire, cutter to open damaged car with people stuck in it and also they have there breathing apparatus for when they got to fires or in fires.

What do they wear?
From David’s talk I realised that firefighters wear protective clothing when they go to fires. They wear protective clothing because when they go into fires the fires are hot then they start getting really hot.

X - Country

Clap! went the noise from Mr Burt banging together the clapers. After hearing that noise I sprinted off and gasped for breath. On the first turn by the cone there was a huge muddy patch and when I got to that turn all the mud squelching up in between my toes. Then I slipped over on my side and got my school pants muddy while I was running. Getting up I slowly started catching up to my friends and raced past them.

After running past the third cone we finally got into the reserve. While I was running through the reserve all the mud splattered over my back onto my . Suddenly all the girls started catching up to me and zooming past me. With my heart pounding I slowly did steady jogs until I got back into school.

  I felt proud of myself when I crossed the finish line.