Thursday, 7 July 2016

Exend the story of Suzie and the space nut

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

Blasting off into space Gort and Freeble, get ready to lift off into space. Gort got excited As the ship moves along freeble and Gort have a conversation about what the planet might look like.. “ I can’t wait to see our new planet “ said Freeble, Gort replied “ Me too”.

“ Look Freeble there’s a planet over there” said Gort, Freeble says “ Let’s take a look at it”. Blasting to the planet Gort speed the ship up a bit. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Boom! The spaceship landed on the planet. Jumping out of the ship Gort and Freeble jumped onto something big.

This thing was giant thing. “ What are we walking on” said Freeble, “ I don’t know Freeble” replied Gort.  Looking around Gort and Freeble noticed what they were walking on, because they saw what was on the planet when they looked around. “ I know what we're walking on” said Gort, “ What” said Freeble. “ Dinosaures, is what” saaid Gort. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. “ We have to get off this planet” said Freeble, “ Let’s go” said Gort.

Racing to the ship Gort and Freeble quickly hop into. Then blasting off they were finally safe. “ That was sracery, wasn’t it Gort” Freeble, “ I didn’t mine but yeah a bit” Gort replied.

                                                             To Be Continued!   

Task description: My task was to continue the story of Suzie and the space nut. First I had to pick out of Dinosuares, Robots, Aleins or monsters, those are the ones we had to pick out of. I choose the Dinosuares. We had to write 4 to 5 paragraph. This is my story, also the picture.

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  1. Hi Chastyti what amazing effort you put into your story and what excellent chastyti you have done a long paragraph with 5 to 4 paragraph's i am really looking forward for more i really enjoyed about when gort and frebble just landed on to a terrifying dinosaur and frebble thought that they landed on a different planet but they were landing on a dinosaur.