Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Dying Earth

We are now in year 4017 and the lovely planet earth is dying. In space I am floating around trying to find a perfect planet for the people on earth to live on. Me and my buddy Smart Robbo have been searching the whole universe for 3 days now. Me and Smart Robbo have now landed on a planet.

As we land on the first planet we see holes in the ground about the size of my head. In those hole we see strange little heads popping out of them. Me and Smart Robbo walk up to the hole and POP! comes out a little alien. “ Hello little guy” I said friends to the alien. POP POP POP POP! Lots of aliens pop out of the ground. “ Attack”, said the little alien.  

Rushing up to Me and Smart Robbo. “Run” I said. “ Ahhhhh” Smart Robbo said. Smart Robbo and I ran to the spaceship and grabbed our lightsabers and lazer guns. We charged back at the aliens and shoot them with our lazer guns. As we ran to the aliens we stroke them with our lightsabers. My lightsabers was red and Smart Robbo’s lightsabers was blue.

When me and Smart Robbo stroke 2 aliens with the lightsabers the rest of the aliens ran away. When the aliens ran away me and Smart Robbo finished exploring the rest of the planet. The planet was called Marth.

As me and Smart Robbo finished exploring the planet they thought in there head that this planet is a good planet to live on. Smart Robbo and I headed to our spaceship and start heading back to earth. When we Got back to earth we gathered all the people on earth and started sending people to our new Marth. We tried get as many spaceships as we could. 3 days later… 3 days after everybody got safely to Marth.

Task Description: For this task I had to write a narrative about in 4017 2000 years in the future that the earth is dying. Me and my buddy will have to go and find a new planet/home for the people that are on earth to live on. My buddy is called Smart Robbo, and my name is Chastyti.

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