Friday, 7 August 2015

Fire fighters

Firefights do a challenging job to save lives in our country. Whenever there is an emergency they put their safety suits on and  jump in the fire engine and drive to wherever the fire is.

Fire fighters extinguish fires and save cats from danger and heights. When their is a car crash the firefighter can pull open crashed cars and save the people.  

Firefighter attend accidents and Rescue people when citizens are in danger. Mostly they save people from fires because there jods main name is firefighter.

Firefighter wear protective clothing so when they go into fires they don’t catch on fire.  Firefighters also wear fire proof clothing and gloves so they can pull people out of the fires.

To become a firefighter you have to be well trained and fit. You also have to be a teamwork and confident if you want to do this job because it’s really hard. You have to be really strong but not  
just strong you also have to be brave.

I’m really happy that we have firefighters in our city. without them we won’t be safe at all.

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