Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Narritive Writing

Walt: understand the features of narrative writing

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Lizzy and she had black hair with a plat. Lizzy loved going to the school everyday. She wore her school uniform and black shoes.  Before Lizzy goes to school she always has her breakfast and brushes her teeth then goes to school.

One day Lizzy woke up late for school so she had to hurry up. She up her uniform and shoes on had her breakfast then headed straight out the door to school. When she got to school she talked to her and her friends said “ You have stink breath did you even brush your teeth”. When they said that Lizzy quick as a flash run to the tap and washed her mouth. Suddenly she found out that it didn’t work so she did it again and again but still it didn’t work. Then her friend said “ Wouldn’t it be better to brush your teeth” “yes” Lizzy said “ I forgot to brush them in the morning before school” said Lizzy again. “ I was running late for school anyways” she said. Lucky it work.   

Task Desription: To do this story i had to have characters, problem , setting and a story.

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