Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Newspaper Tower

Walt: Write a recount about your experience.

Have you ever competed in a newspaper tower competition? Well today my teacher Mr Goodwin must have a really funny morning, and gave us the chance to compete in this competition. It was fun.

Once I heard that we were competing against each other in the Newspaper challenge, I got really excited. First we had to get into our groups.

Each team got a paper and a pencil to plan how they were going to build their tower. My groups plan didn’t work out. So we decided to come up with another plan, and this plan took for long to do. This plan worked out.

When we finished our plan Mr Goodwin put on a timer of 12 minutes, then we started building our tower. We started rolling up newspaper like a stick then we stacked it on top of each other and taped it. After that we  tape it to the ground to make it stay, but it didn’t work. So we decided to roll some paper up into a ball, and then put it in the middle of the newspaper stick. It started working but we ran out of time.

Unfortunately my team didn’t win, it was the boys team. Awathan, Hopa, Lepa, Deavay, and Justice. Mr Goodwin said that there will be a price for the winning team, and the price was glory. But luckily our team came second place. This activity was fun.

Task description: We had to write a recount about our newspaper tower. Mr Goodwin haad to tell us the instruction, then we went off to do our plan. After that we started building.      

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