Monday, 6 March 2017


Image result for pt england school year 5 and 6 campWalt: What your looking forward to on camp

In two days time Team four at Pt. England School are having their 27th annual camp. This camp will happen on our school feild. I can’t wait.

What I’m looking forward to is going to the pools on Friday. Why I’m excited to go to the pools, it’s because I would really like to go on the slides and do some bombs. I am also looking forward to sleep with my friends in the tent.

What I’m hoping for is not to get evacuated from our tents again. Last year because the weather was so bad, we had to get evacuated from our tents. This year I hope that the weather won’t be so bad.

What I am nervous about on on camp is the concert night. Why I’m nervous about that, is because I don’t like to dance or sing in front of a whole lot of people. Dancing and singing In front of people is really nervous.

Camp is my best highlight of the year. Camp is my highlight of the year, because it has cool activities. It also a fun experiences.

Task description: To do this task we had to write what we were looking forward to on camp. Also what your hoping for and what your nervous about.  

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