Thursday, 30 June 2016

Superhero Writing

Walt: write a setting description.
Once upon a time there lived a hero could Purple Lighter. She has a purple T-Shirt and a purple skirt, also a powers. In the dark city  where Purple Lighter lived I nearly rained every night. Luckily it didn’t rain that night.

The next night a storm came. This storm wasn’t any storm, it was a magic storm. As soon as Purple Lighter saw the storm she quickly raced to the city to see what was going on. Once she arrived there she saw a black shadow sneak behind a tall building. When she she went to look she saw        an Evil Fairy godmother. “ Did you make this storm” said Purple Lighter, Evil Fairy godmother replied “ Way Yes, And no one can stop to”. “ Are you sure” says Purple lighter. Throwing her stopping storm power in the sky the storm finally stop. “ Ha Ha” said Purple Lighter. “ What” replied Evil Fairy godmother, “ So I think it’s a goodbye for you” said Purple Lighter. So Purple Lighter had chased her.

To do this task I had to write and plan my writing about my superhero.

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