Wednesday, 8 June 2016

WALT: Wwe are learning to Imagime what things look like.
Seeing a black Ford car as black as the night time sky zooming past on the way to school. Suddenly the car reaches to school. Then with a Ka boom Mr Goodwin came flying out. Mr Goodwin’s car had 2 Large cup holder and 2 small cup holder in the front.  This car had 5 seats in the back and very back. There were only 3 seats in the front.

With a flash a car as black as the night time sky went a Ford.
 Ka Boom    Mr G came flying out of the car with his rich computer. The car finally reached the school. I looked through the window and I saw 2 large cup holders and 2 small ones in the front  it was for drinks. There was 5 seats in the back and very back, and 3 seats in the front.

Mr  goodwin car only for 600 dollars for a shiney bright car. I walked up to his car to see what was inside and I saw a Flat screen in the back it was a LG flat screen. The flat screen was stuck to the passenger front side of the window. 

Task descrpition: To do this task I had to work with 2 other friends and we had to Imagime what Mr Goodwin's car looks like. We took turns at writing senetence on eachothers chromebooks.   

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