Friday, 28 October 2016

Interpreting Poems

Walt: To write Interpreting Poems 
Tulip Sunday
In the Botanical Gardens
bright tulips
spread out
like a yellow tablecloth
on a table with thousands of legs.
Some tulips
have red lips
and dark black eyes.
They bow and curtsy
in the wind.
By Laura Ranger
The night wind
rips a cloud sheet
into rags,
then rubs, rubs
the October moon
until it shines
like a brass doorknob.
By Judith Thurman
A jumbled sight,
The sheets I write –
High time for paperclips
To take a bite
And clasp them tight
Between bright bulldog lips!
By X. J. Kennedy

The lawnmower
Grinds its teeth
Over the grass,
Spitting out a thick
Green spray;
Its head is too full
Of iron and oil
To know
What it throws
The lawn's whole
Crop of chopped
Green hay.
By Valerie Worth
The sun
Is a leaping fire
Too hot
To go near,
But it will still
Lie down
In warm yellow squares
On the floor
Like a flat
Quilt, where
The cat can curl
And purr.
By Valerie Worth

Task description:To do this task I had to write down ways in which the object describe to make it seem alive.

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