Friday, 28 October 2016

Into The Cave

Walt: write a narrative

Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing.

Image Attribution: By Doug Knuth from Woodstock, IL (Son Doong-47) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Walking through a magnificent dark cave were three best friends, and their names were Cacy, Maddie, Teresa. They were trying to get to the other side. Walking deeper and deeper the 3 friends got scared. Suddenly they see three dark shadows ahead of them. They slowly walked closer and closer

So Cacy, Maddie, Teresa kept on walking and walking till they got three different tunnels. “ Oh no, how are we going to get to the other side ” said Teresa. “ Ok” said Cacy, “ We will all split up into each tunnel, and if you find the way out then come out and led the way” said Cacy speaking so fast, and nearly ran out of breath. Teresa replied “ Ok, then LET’S GO”. Splitting up the girls felt scared. “ My cave isn’t is yelled out Cacy, “ So isn’t mine” said Teresa. “ Well, mine is” said Maddi in the middle tunnel. “ Come on Teresa said Cacy.

Heading through the middle was scarey, because it was the darkest tunnel of all. Finally reaching the end of the tunnel, their adventure through the darkest tunnel of all was over. Even do the cave and the tunnel was so dark and scarey the three best friend, Cacy, Maddi, Taresha  had a  good time out on a hike.

Task description: To do this task I had to learn how to writing a full narritive. But only in 40 minutes. I had to write about a group of friends in a cave lost. First I had to do my planning, the Characters, Problem and the End.   

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