Friday, 2 June 2017


Washing up on an island I looked around. I felt lonely as I jumped out of the raft, because I could see anybody or hear anybody. As I looked around I seen lots of palm trees, and also lots of birds.

Walt: Write from the 1st person.

Suddenly I realized that I could use the fronds and sticks to build my shelter. Running towards the sticks I rushed, I was rushing because it was nearly sunset. I also seen some flaxs that I can tie the sticks and fronds . Finally the shelter was complete.  

The next morning I felt really hungry. So the first thing I did was I searched for some things that I could use to catch my food. Suddenly I came up to a stick and a rock. I said to myself “ I should use the stick to make a fishing spear, and use the rock to sharpen up the stick”, so I did it. Sharpening the stick with the rock was really hard, but I manage it finish it. To shape the spear how I wanted it to be I went back and forward. After sharpening up the stick I see I 3 small coconut tree ahead. As I ran towards the coconut tree I got excited. “ I finally got to eat and drink something”, I was really amazed. Thinking in my head I thought that I could use the coconut for my bowl, so I kept the two half coconut shells for my bowl. I walked towards the sea and seen some little fish. BANG! I hit the fish and killed it. Carrying the fish to my popped raft I put it down and found some more flaxs. I started to weave a pot and put fronds in the middle to cover the holes. I also gather some more stick to make a fire, but making the fire was really hard because I had to scrap the rock to the stick. I finally made a fire. Next I had to find fresh water to cook the fish and to drink. I searched and searched and finally found some water fresh water to. I filled the pot up with water and then toke it back to my shelter, and then poured some water into a coconut shell. Putting the pot over the fire with the fish in it i got really excited. Finally my food was ready I grabbed my coconut shell and dagg into my fish. “ This fish is so yum”.

Trying to get off the island was really hard, but then I came up with a really bright idea. I spotted a large stick and started writing HELP in big letters on the sand. Finishing the word help I gathered heaps of seaweed together and placed them over the HELP signal.

Finally a helicopter flies past and see the signal. It lands on the sand and helps me into the helicopter. I was finally of the island and was safe.   

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