Friday, 2 June 2017


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Minty twist with biscuits

If mum brought the minty biscuits I wouldn’t eat any.

The brand for this mint chocolate is cadbury. The price for the chocolate was $3.99. The minty biscuits also comes with 2 other oreo flavors, the 2 different flavors are normal and strawberry. That means that there is 3 flavored oreo chocolate.

Minty biscuits might taste alright to you but for me it tasted really dissecting. The reason why it tasted dissecting is, because I had never liked mint. The mint chocolate look lumpy and green. It also had tasted like cookies.

How I would make the minty biscuits chocolate better is take out some of the mint flavour. I would also take the oreos out and put Tim tams in.

If your mum was to buy a chocolate tell her don’t buy the minty biscuits. Why you shouldn’t buy the minty biscuits is, because this minty biscuits is really dissecting and yuck.  

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