Friday, 13 March 2015

My cookie face writing.

On Friday the picnic was because of the horrible weather that happened. There were lots of dark clouds in the sky.

I waited patiently for Miss Thompson to finish her instructions so we know what to do when we go and make our happy face biscuit. I was so excited to make my first cookie face biscuit.

Decorating my biscuit was exciting. The ingredients we used were m&m, sprinkles, chocolate and lollies. My biscuit looked amazing when I finished decorating it.

When I finished making my cookie I got to eat it and it was delicious. While I was eating my chocolate it melted in my mouth. My cookie was so tasty and amazing.

I felt excited because that was my first time making my every own cookie face. Making my cookie face was amazing.

This ois a photo of me with my happy cookie face biscuit.

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