Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey/ Waitangi

On Waitangi Day me and my family have a big Party because it's my Aunties Birthday on that day, and it's a special day. We have a big feed and lost of deserts, and also lost of fun.

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  1. Wow really? That is really cool for your Auntie. That means she always gets a day off on her birthday haha! What a cool life!

  2. Hi Chastyti,

    Wow! Your auntie is so lucky that her birthday falls on a national holiday. It must be a lot of fun to be able to spend the day with her family, eating lots of dessert and having lots of fun!

    I typically spend Waitangi Day with my family as well. If we can, we go to visit my son's marae in Ngarauwahia. He loves to honour the day by visiting with his family. He also loves to spend some time in downtown Auckland listening to the free music in parks or watching the local firework shows. Do you like watching firework displays? We saw a great one this year on New Years Eve. When the clock struck midnight, there was a huge fireworks show at the Sky Tower. It was pretty good :)

    Thanks for posting this great blog about Waitangi Day, Chastyti. It is a pretty fun holiday. If you could invent your very own holiday, what would it be called? Would you celebrate the history of New Zealand or would you focus on something else?

    We'd love to hear your ideas :)