Monday, 16 January 2017

Summer learning Journey/ Country Visit

If I was to visit a country that wasn't my language, I will be really shocked, because I don't know how to speak the language.   


  1. Hi Chastyti,

    I think that you have captured your feeling of 'shock' very well in this picture. When I am surprised I also cover my mouth!

    The nice thing about visiting Australia is that the main language spoken is English - the same as in New Zealand. You will be able to communicate really easily with everyone that you meet and, hopefully, won't have too many shocking experiences!

    Rachel ;)

  2. Hi Chastyti!

    I went away for 24 hours and look at this! 3 blogs! You must be feeling pretty proud of yourself right now. Keep up the fantastic work!

    You do look surprised! I also put my hand over my mouth. Especially when I yawn. I used to have a teacher that asked me how many flies we caught if we yawned in class without putting our hands over our mouths.

    Keep up the great effort!