Monday, 16 January 2017

Summer learning journey/ Australia

The country the I really want to visit is Australia. Why I want to visit Australia is because, I want to go and visit my Auntie and Uncle. My Auntie and Uncle both lives in Melbourne. I also haven't seen them in along time.

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  1. Good morning Chastyti and welcome to the Summer Learning Journey! We are so excited to see that you've decided to join us this year.

    You've chosen a great country to visit for your learning journey. Australia not only has beautiful beaches and lovely scenery but your family also live there so it is a particularly special place to go!

    I have never been to Melbourne but I have heard wonderful things about it. Apparently, it is full of great restaurants, art galleries and museums. I hope that you are able to get there one day to visit your family!

    We will look forward to blogging with you over the next few weeks!

    See you online, Chastyti!

    Rachel :)

  2. Hello! This is AWESOME! Welcome to the SLJ Chastyti! I love your blog! Australia is a great choice and what a lovely picture you chose!

    I work with Rachel online too, so she's very cool. I hope you like her comments too!

    It's cool that you have family over in Oz. Have you been there before to visit your family?

    So great to see you online!