Monday, 16 January 2017

Summer learning Journey/ Netba

Why I chose  Netball is because I like love it, and I play in a team at my school.

The person that inspired me to play netball was, my mum. She also played netball in school.


  1. Hi Chastyti,

    I see that you've posted another great picture to your blog. For this activity, it looks like you have posted a picture of yourself getting ready to catch a ball. Are you playing netball?

    If so, what position do you play on the Pt England netball team? Can you please add the word 'netball' into your blog post so that everyone knows what you are doing in your picture? That would be great!

    Thanks so much, Chastyti! I really hope that you'll continue along with the learning journey this summer. There are another 57 fun activities for you to choose from :)


  2. Hi Chastyti!

    I love tag. Do you ever play "Everybody's it" at school? It is tag where everyone is it, and if you get tagged you have to sit down until your tagger is tagged and sitting down, then you can get up and play again. If two people tag at the same time, they do rock paper scissors to figure out who sits down. If there are too many people sitting then the teacher yells "Jail Break!" and the game starts again. I think you need more than 15 people to really have a good game.

    Keep up the great work!